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Sierra Matchking Bulk 30 Cal Bullets (500 Rounds) – SALE

MatchKings® are the pride of the Sierra bullet family, unmatched worldwide and truly world class in all respects. Competitive shooters have relied on the consistent accuracy of Sierra’s MatchKings® for decades, resulting in a history of state, national and world records that is the envy of our competitors.

Sierra MatchKing® bullets have set the standards worldwide for consistent accuracy in handguns as well as rifles. Sierra’s famous MatchKing® design assures superb accuracy, flat trajectory, and high momentum delivery with low sensitivity to crosswinds at all ranges.

500 Rounds/Box

.30 CALIBER/7.62MM (.308) 168 GR. HPBT MATCHKING REG $323.99 SALE $299

.30 CALIBER/7.62MM (.308) 175 GR. HPBT MATCHKING REG $331.99 SALE $309

Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm – SALE

The NATO-certified Beretta Px4 Storm double/single-action semiauto is the culmination Beretta’s experience in engineering pistols for military and law enforcement. Absolute durability, reliability, ergonomics and interchangeability of parts have made it the choice of military and police professionals around the world. Its ease of use, safety of operation and sleek lines are also causing it to be a favorite for self- and home defense as well as for concealed carry. Available in a number of powerful calibers, the PX4 Storm is a handgun that will keep delivering premium Beretta performance even after years of hard use.
– Snag-Free, Modular Design, Loaded with Features
– Reliable, Pleasant to Shoot and Easy to Maintain
Regular $1181 SALE $989

Bushmaster ACR 223 Rem – SALE

– Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR)
– 16.5″ Cold Hammer-Forged Barrel
– Folding and seven-position telescoping high-impact polymer stock with rubber butt pad
– Includes 51T AAC® flash hider
– Includes 30-round PMAG magazine
– Chambered in 5.56
– Amidextrous safety, bolt lock, and mag catch
– Adjustable gas piston system


Regular $3055 SALE $2500

40S&W AMMO Save 20%

Blazer 165gr Reg-$32.00 Sale-$25.60 per box
Blazer 180gr Reg-$24.99 Sale-$19.99 per box
Federal 165gr Reg-$24.99 Sale-$19.99 per box
Federal 180gr Reg-$25.99 Sale-$20.79 per box
Sellier & Bellot 180gr Reg-$24.99 Sale-$19.99 per box

Stoeger M3500 12 GA 3 1/2

The affordable M3500 shotgun is the perfect choice for waterfowl, wild turkey or upland game birds. It provides versatility, value, and solid reliability. For dependable performance, no other 3-1/2-inch semi-auto in its price range compares.

  • 3-1/2-inch, 12-gauge, Inertia Driven® semi-automatic
  • Handles loads from 2-3/4 inch to 3-1/2 inch magnum without adjustment
  • Operating system is lightning fast and reliable, with only 3 moving parts in the bolt
  • 3 barrel lengths: 24, 26, or 28 inches
  • Barrels are fitted with a ventilated, stepped rib and fiber-optic front sight for quick target acquisition
  • Available in 3 finishes, shown

The M3500 Shotgun delivers magnum performance and reliability.

Regular $1004 SALE $849

Benelli MR1

MR1 is the semi-automatic rifle that better symbolizes all that Benelli energy, versatily and reability. It aims to provide a weapon combining the benefits of military models with those of civilian guns. The gas system, the safe hardwearing locking system, and the use of high quality materials constructed in compliance with the strictest industrial parameters, mean that MR1 can guarantee high performance in a .223-caliber Remington. Derived from the Benelli M4 12-caliber semi-automatic designed to guarantee exceptional operation and 100% reliability in all situations and conditions. A rifling pitch of 9″ has been chosen from this new Benelli, meaning that the weapon can make best use of the performance of all bullet types. Easily handled, 100% reliable, hard-wearing, durable, safe, versatile, easy to use and precision shooting: these were the objectives underpinning the MR1 design.
Regular $2659 SALE $2399

Kimber 8400 Police Tactical 

Take the long shot out of long shots. Kimber rifles in America’s most popular magnum big game calibers combine classic features with precision manufacturing. The result is unmatched accuracy and dependability. A hunting rifle is no place for compromise. Trust your next shot to Kimber.

300 Win Mag

Regular $2099 SALE $1599

Steyr Mannlicher Ultra Light

– 222 Remington
– 20″ Fluted barrel
– Walnut Stock
– Single set trigger
– Detachable magazine

Regular $2299 SALE: $1946.90

Sako 85 Bavarian Carbine 7×64

The Sako 85 Bavarian is a masterpiece, combining a high-grade walnut stock in a Central European tradition with the superior performance and technology of the Sako 85 series. Under its traditional exterior lie new modern features of the Sako 85 action.


Regular $2895 Sale $2495

Sako Bavarian 30-06

The Sako 85 Bavarian is a masterpiece, combining a high-grade walnut stock in a Central European tradition with the superior performance and technology of the Sako 85 series. Under its traditional exterior lie new modern features of the Sako 85 action. a
Regular $2729 Sale $2619

Zastava 70 

308 Win, 30-06 SPRG, 7×57

Sporting Rifle with original Mauser locking system. Barrel is made of chrome-vanadium steel, by cold forging – guaranteeing high precision, constant accuracy and durability.

Stock for sporting rifle M70 is made of selected quality walnut.  Recoil pad is made of rubber and grip cap is made of walnut.
Sporting rifle M70 is a safe gun; trigger mechanism is blocked by a lever-type safety.
Metal swivels provide secure assembly of the sling.
The receiver of the sporting rifle has 4 threads with protective screws. Threads are used for connection with optical sight bases, which are mounted optionally.
Sporting rifle has iron sights: rear – open; front – protected post.
Standard finish is blue, and wooden parts, made of quality walnut, are oiled and polished.
Regular $909 Sale $795.58

Zastava 98

308 Win, 30-06 SPRG, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win

Regular 669 Sale: $609.73